smiling sunflowerAs usual, it’s April and Colorado is being indecisive about what season it is. Frigid winds one week, and sunshine the next. When May does come, however, and you finally get to the mountains for Labor Day, finally take that vacation in June, are you ready to look your best?

Whether you’re going to Cancun in May, Paris or Thailand in July, you want to look great to feel great, and if you’re like many Americans, you’re probably dissatisfied with your smile. Maybe that means you’re embarrassed by stains, an unseemly chip, or maybe you just wish your teeth were straighter.

If you’re hoping to fix your teeth by the summer, you’re in luck. Cosmetic Dentistry can help. Here are three procedures that will have you feeling more attractive and confident before summer hits.

Yellow Teeth? We’ve Got It

While yellow teeth can make you feel older, there’s a solution. Caused by staining agents present in coffee, red wine, cigarettes, and even chocolate, yellow teeth can be remedied by one of the most common dental procedures out there: teeth whitening. Whiteners dissolve staining particles that have stuck to enamel over time, leaving your smile several shades whiter, making you feel empowered.

Lost Teeth? There’s a Solution (or Three!)

Losing a tooth can cause the surrounding teeth to shift, and can even make your cheeks look sunken due to depreciated bone mass. Dental implants can change that. As the most efficient tooth replacement out there, dental implants can function the same as natural teeth, as they have a titanium root that integrates with surrounding tissue through a process known as osseointegration. Just like a natural tooth, this allows your jaw to receive the required amount of stimulation to maintain bone mass in the surrounding area.

But maybe you don’t want an implant? We have other options, like a dental bridge or dentures.

The Smile Makeover

If you’re unhappy with more than one aspect of your mouth, then an all around smile makeover is your best option. With a smile makeover, we’re focused not on particular dental procedures, but your desired cosmetic goals. From there, we can custom-craft a set of solutions that work for you.

Summer is an important time to explore, and get to know yourself. Sometimes this mindset is difficult when you feel embarrassed by your appearance. If you’re wondering what cosmetic dentistry can do for you, then schedule an appointment. Working closely with a dentist can help you to better understand the steps you can take to feel great..

Are you ready to get started on a smile makeover in Pueblo? Let the friendly, hometown dentists and staff at Advantage Group Dental take care of you. Please call (719) 545-1400 today for an appointment.

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