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Achieve Your Best Smile with Dentures

DenturesDentures are complete or partial appliances that replace a single tooth or number of missing teeth in order to preserve your smile effectively and economically. Although there are several tooth replacement techniques out there, dentures remain a popular choice because they are reliable, affordable, and removable. Whether you are a new or experienced denture user, denture replacements are recommended every 3-8 years. If you believe your dentures need repair or replacement, contact your dentist immediately.

How Do I Find the Right Denture Procedure?

If you have lost at least one tooth, dentures may be a viable option for you. At Advantage Dental Group, we offer permanent cosmetic solutions, such as bridges and implants, however, dentures are often a wonderful solution for those opting for a shorter procedure with the added flexibility of removable teeth.

We offer two types of dentures to provide you with the best choice for your teeth: partial and complete dentures.

Removable Partial DenturePartial Dentures

Partial dentures are beneficial if you’re missing a section of teeth, as this type of denture is supported by your remaining teeth and gums. Hooks and clasps are used to link the dentures to your supporting teeth, also allowing for an easy removal process. Not only are partial dentures a simple and economical replacement option, surgery is not required.

Full Removable DentureComplete Dentures

Complete dentures are an excellent option for replacing a full set of upper and/or lower teeth. Full dentures use suctions to remain against the roof or floor of the mouth and can be fitted into the mouth once the teeth have been removed and the gum has healed.

See the Results for Yourself

Shabrea came to us for help fixing her remaining teeth, which were in poor condition. She was also missing many lower teeth. Together, we decided that an upper denture and a lower partial were the best options for her. We even included the gap that she had with her natural teeth.

“I feel better and I’m happy to smile again!”  – Shabrea

Thank you to Corona Prosthetics for the beautiful lab work.

Am I a Pueblo Denture Candidate?

If you’re in Pueblo, Advantage Dental Group can evaluate if dentures are right for you. If your current dentures aren’t comfortable we can also help determine if it’s time for a new set. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, please contact our office by calling (719) 545-1400 or by using our online scheduling tool.

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