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Dental Checkups at Advantage Dental Group

Dental CheckupDental checkups are essential for maintaining optimal dental health. We recommend visiting the dentist every 6 months so you don’t end up with bigger problems later down the line.

Advantage Dental Group is happy to offer routine dental checkups and cleanings for the whole family. We are currently accepting new patients at our Pueblo, CO practice. New patients are encouraged to take advantage of our $59 new patient special which includes your first exam, cleaning, and x-rays.

At your regular cleaning and exam, our hygienist will remove plaque and tartar that have accumulated on your teeth over the months. They’ll then give your teeth a thorough cleaning and polishing. Our team will also take x-rays to check for issues with alignment and signs of gingivitis. This will help ensure we catch problems before they become dental emergencies.

Cavity Treatment & Prevention

Although cavities are preventable, sometimes they still happen to the best of us. Our team is here to both help patients avoid getting cavities in the first place and also treat them when they do occur.

The standard treatment for a cavity is a filling. This quick and easy procedure is performed by the dentist who will numb the area surrounding the tooth, remove the decayed part, and “fill” it in. If your cavity is too big, we may recommend an alternate treatment.

Oral Cancer Screenings

While you’re at your 6-month checkup, the dentist will also give you the option to get an oral cancer screening. This is much less intimidating than it may sound. The dentist will simply look inside your mouth and examine your throat for signs of oral cancer. If they have any concerns, they will let you know their recommended next steps.

Oral cancer screenings are important because a patient has a much higher chance of having a successful recovery if the cancer is located and diagnosed early.

Begin With a $59 Exam, Cleaning & X-Ray

Advantage Dental Group is a modern dental office in Pueblo, CO with the latest dental technology. We’re now accepting new patients and offer new patient specials you can use at your first visit. We also offer specialty services, such as cosmetic dentistry. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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